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XT-G High Speed Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine

Main Technical parameter

Function and Characteristics:
■International famous brand electric parts and computer software was used in the whole machine ,top-quality and steady; Computer order storage and adjustment , faster order update and convenient operation.( It can storage the 999 order in the computer).
■Complete machine baffle and important parts used the temper for decrease the metal internal force ; and that parts was made by high precision process center and grinded by digit-controlled grinder.
■All the transmission axle and roller are made by the high-quality steel, temper, and dynamic balance; plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.
■All the transmission gear was used the 20CrMnTi alloy steel, which is grinded after heat-treatment, rigidity HRC58-62 , and it was made by rubbing ,6 grade precision , it still maintains the high topping precision.
■The transmission place (connected with the axle and gear), which adopts the hand-free connecting ring to eliminate the interval , suitable for long-term high speed running.
■The important transmission bearing was adopted strengthen model bearing ,handy to maintenance, suitable for long-term to used.
■The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication , intuitionist show setting ,setting the double oil pipe balance system
■The whole machine adjustment presetting function, feeding. printing, slotting ,die cutting,automatic zero setting ,memory automatic reposition.
■The whole machine working interval adjustment was adopted free spanner , which is fast to adjustment , fast and convenient to adjustment. 
■The mainframe was control by the frequency conversion, start-up, running more smooth .
■Can choice servo motor free pressure or lead edge feeder suction
■Setting the ink alarm device ,real-time monitoring of the work status of the ink supply system.
■The machine has a limit and over travel display.
■The optional machine gap electric adjustment.   

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