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XT-F High speed printer scorer die cutter slotter machine

Function and Characteristics:
All machine appliances and computer software have adopted international famous brands with stable quality and reliable.
Human-computer interface, computer order management, easy operation, changed the order fast.
Express and solve the equipment failure through network remote maintenance.
The whole machine is manufactured according to high performance and high security, in line with the European CE standard acceptance.
Servo motor free pressure lead edge feeder (China Invention Patent Technology),realize the transfer paper, zero pressure of the cardboard, improve the compression of the carton, servo drive more durable compared
 with the traditional mechanical gearbox mechainisms, also can guarantee paper accuracy. 
Important components of the whole machine ,using aging treatment, temperingeliminate metal stress, use high-precision machining center, CNC grinding to produced all machine parts.
The whole machine axle, roller was choice high-quality steel. tempering, thermal refining, grinding, high-precision computer dynamic balance correction , high precision chrome.
The whole machine drive gear is treated with high quality alloy steel, carburizing quenching, gear grinding procession, can keep the printing precision running long time.
The whole machine transmission is used to seamless connection, the connected the gap zero jump, and suit the large torque long time high speed running.
Every unit has the oil automatic balancer, ensure that oil balance in each unit fuel tank in same level.
The printer unit choice the vaccum transfer paper system, ensure the printing precision of the bigger area printing and the bend cardboard into machine precision ( can be loaded with roller guide and vaccum synchronous conveying structure )
The important transmission of the whole machine choice the reinforced self-aligning ball bearing, long life, convenient maintenance, ensuring that machine can running long time in high speed.
The main motor uses a frequency converter motor, and energy saving, stable and the attached to the motor boot protection device.
Unique production image procession device, can see the machine back work situation in front of the machine. 
The novel statue indicator, the start-up status indicates the working status of the machine fault information.
The whole machine gap adjustmen can use electric adjustment and the computer adjustment.
Standard LED speed and production quantity display.

Function of Feeding Department:
The electric control machine is clutched with alarm , and the drive shaft is attached to the friction clutch to avoid error operation and damage the machine
Pressure interlocking device , Main motor frequency control attached to the motor boot protection device.
China Invention Patent Technology: Extended Servo Free Pressure lead edge feeder system: Multi-row Paper Wheel, each row of paper wheel with a servo motor
 independently drive, to achieve extended paper, greatly improve the compressive capacity of the carton. Negative pressure suction auxiliary paper can be different depending 
on the paperboard bending conditions, and the variable frequency adjusts the vacuum negative pressure value, ensuring that the different directly flute paper and different shape 
flute into machine smooth.
It have the interlocking system on the machine back , control the emergency stop. The servo controller is used to control, the action is fast, labor-saving.
The left and right side baffles,the back baffle was adjustment by elelctric, the front baffle gap is adjusted by synchronization, skip feeder system(can be choice continuous or skip feeder )
The touch screen can control : Automatic correct position, order memory storage, paper feed counter setting, display production quantity and automatic paper row function.
Paper feed roller gap electric, computer dual-purpose adjustment, adjustment range 0 to 12 ㎜。
Feeder unit standard have rotate roller brush dust removing device, can clearly remove impurities on the printing surface of the cardboard, improve printing quality; reduce stop machine
 tothe clean printing plate times.
Paper feeder unit, printing unit, scorer line unit, and die cutting,slotter unit both electric automtic zero, using an automatic zeroing device, test printing two sheets can be adjusted to the 
correct position, reduce cardboard waste.

 Function of printing Department:
The surface of the steel pipe is grinded, plated with hard chrome, and performs high-speed dynamic balance correction, and the operation is smooth.
The ratchet fixed scribe shaft, the circumferential direction can be arbitrarily tilted to adjust the discharging angle, and the fast find correct postion on
 the printing plate. The full version of the slot is suitable for 10 ㎜×3㎜ bar. Loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric control is inversion,
 printing roller lateral: electric adjustment, computer control adjustment range ±5 ㎜.
Vacuum suction ceramic roller transmission, roller multi-row interval arrangement, and reinforced cardboard transfer stability. The wind box damper 
can be automatically adjusted according to the paperboard length.
A air pressure automatic lifting device with paper feed system. When paper feed, the anilox roller is in contact with the printing plate. When the paper f
eed is stopped, the roller rising and the plate separation, the anilox roller is automatically cleaned, and the uniform, so that the ink recovery is quickly and easily.
Closed doctor blade system, good ink, air pressure or cylinder adjustment lock, doctor blade wear automatic compensation, anilox roller and printed roller 
gap numerical touch screen accurately display, thick wall high quality seamless steel pipe surface ceramic fine grinding, laser engraving mesh. 
Inner chamber anticorrosive, anti-stick coating makes ink transfer and cleaning easier. Accurate blowing angles and mechanical precision ensures that the
 scraper position is constant to ensure optimum blowing effect. Adjustable sealing system to ensure that the ink system is completely sealed, and the closed cavity is easy.
The print phase is controlled by PLC control 360°adjustment, and the automatic reset system (wiped version memory reset) is cleaned during the printing process.
Planetary gear construction, frequency conversion speed, high and low speed automatic conversion, adjustment phase is fast and accurate.
Choice Double head ink pump automatic changed ,clean the ink detection system , the recovery time fast , and ink waste less. Ink less automatic alarm.
Cylinder-type automatic brake mechanism. When every unit separated or adjustment phase , the brake mechainism rotation of the machine and keeps the fixed
 point of the orginal gear position unchanged .

Scroer unit function:

The surface of the steel pipe is grinded, plated with hard chrome, and performs high-speed dynamic balance correction, and the operation is smooth.

Using three-axis structure, large diameter scorer wheel, carton scorer line perfect .

The length and width of the carton can be adjusted by the computer with one button.

Adopting three-axis flat row φ272mm large diameter score wheel, independent setting of gap pressure and one-key adjustment.

The upper pressing wheel is made of imported high-elastic wear-resistant materials, which is suitable for the pressing of low-fiber and high-strength 

         corrugated cardboard.(Optional steel wheel and high elastic rubber wheel)

The parameter design of the new-patent scorer wheel can classify different scorer line shapes in stages.

The pressing line is clear, and the formed cardboard does not break the paper and the line does not burst.












 Function of Die Cutting Department:

■Die cutting department (free version slotting computer adjustment structure)

Die roll cast steel material, high-speed dynamic balance correction, increase operation stability, surface high-frequency quenching, grinding, hard chromium plating.

The distance between the fixed screw holes of the die cutter is 100×100 mm, and the height of the applicable die cutter is 25.4 mm.

Wooden die thickness: 16~18 mm (for three-layer board) 13~15 mm (for five-layer board).

Anvil rubber pad roller cast steel material, high-speed dynamic balance correction, increase running stability, surface grinding, hard chrome plating.

Electric adjustment of the gap between the die-cutting rollers, imported original anvil rubber pads, mechanical lateral ±30mm travel device, die-cutting equalizer automatically 

        compensates the linear speed, which can make the die-cutting rubber pads wear evenly and prolong the service life.

Planetary gear structure, electric digital 360°adjustment of die-cutting phase (adjustable during operation and stop), electric adjustment of lateral position, adjustment distance ±7mm.

Pre-pressing, forming, slotting knife edge computer one-key synchronization adjustment (optional independent servo drive, more stable operation, higher printing accuracy).

Special-shaped die-cutting board can be used interchangeably with plate-free die-cutting slotting (specific parameters are negotiated and determined according to actual conditions).







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